• A leap into the future of retail 

    Store Lens was founded on over 70 years of experience in the global retail industry. The platform was birthed from our recognition of the ways in which physical retail was becoming a lame duck in the race to digitalization. We understood that if in-store shopping were to thrive again we needed to bring the best of what e-commerce had taught us into the physical space. 

    Our firm belief is that the potential of the physical retail space is endless, and we are ready to lead the journey into the future! Will you join us?

Digital intelligence at the heart of your store

Shopping habits may have changed, but one thing continues to stay the same, everybody is unique. Through combining consumer behavioral data, and real-time business intelligence we reignite the spark of retail and embolden your business and shoppers to thrive. 

“The power of Store Lens is that it allows retails to manage their physical stores in the same way they manage their e-com store"

Fredrik Lundin, CEO, Store Lens

How can we bring the smartest of digital to transform your retail experience?