• Bring the intelligence of digital to the warm-welcome of physical

    Combine the digitalization and hyper-personalization that revolutionized e-commerce shopping, with a new world of in-store retail.
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Physical shopping is evolving. What was once anonymous and generic, has transformed to celebrate the originality of each customer. Store Lens has created a seamless digital platform, creating meaningful relationships with every person who walks through your door by empowering their individuality. 

How does it work?

“Store Lens is the platform that will redefine physical retail for the future”

Patrik Lindered, CTO, Store Lens

Build a world around your customer

Whether using our white-label app or connecting us into your current setup, the Store Lens platform allows you to hyper-personalize each and every one of your shopper’s visits to your store, sparking moments of joy and forming long lasting emotional bonds.

Immerse your customer in a new world of digital meets physical retail

We have carefully designed a platform that not only boosts your in-store sales for meaningful growth, but gives your customers a whole new kind of real-world meets mobile-first experience, tailored to them. 

Say goodbye to needless overstock

The unpredictability of consumer shopping habits combined with the advanced ordering of merchandise often results in hard to move overstock. Perhaps an unpredictably bad summer means a surplus of swimwear. Store Lens allows you to target and activate instantaneous campaigns at country or even store level, for when that sunny day finally arrives. 

Embolden your staff to feel ownership

Our retailer dashboard gives you and your store-workers unique insights into consumer behaviors and live shopping trends. This gives your staff the opportunity to respond directly to shoppers’ habits and instantly make decisions to publish campaigns. Is it raining outside? Sounds like a good time for a promotion on umbrellas!

From when they walk in, to when they check-out

Store Lens allows you to control every step of the customer experience. The platform allows your shoppers to seamlessly mobile check-out, meaning there are no abandoned carts due to long queue times or a staff shortage at the till. What’s even better is that all of this integrates easily with your financial reporting, meaning all of your monetary data can still be measured in one place.

An experience made entirely for the shopper

At the heart of the Store Lens Platform is the opportunity for you to design a unique experience for your customers. Treasure hunting for targeted personalized offers based on previous shopping behavior, getting educated on the products they are browsing, prioritizing sustainability initiatives, or even receiving bundle offers that means they can choose both and not just one or the other, can all be part of your in-store interaction with shoppers. 

How does it work?

Store Lens gives us a solution to become a more demand driven business. Change our customer focus from a push to a pull strategy. Be global act local

Erik Larsson, Head of Merch, Monki

How can we bring the smartest of digital to transform your retail experience?