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Our commitment to data protection and privacy

Protecting personal data and your privacy is of high importance for Store Lens AB (Store Lens, we or us) and we want to be open and transparent regarding our processing of your personal data. 


Store Lens manifests its commitment to privacy and data protection by embracing the following principles. 

  • We use personal data lawfully, fairly, correctly and in a transparent manner. 

  • We collect no more personal data than necessary, and only for a legitimate purpose. 

  • We retain no more data than necessary or for a longer period than needed. 

  • We protect personal data with appropriate security measures. 


Who is responsible for processing of your personal data? 

Company name: Store Lens AB 
Company number: 559274-6936 
Address:  Epi Center, Regeringsgatan 61, 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden 

We are responsible for the processing of personal data within the scope of this Privacy Notice. However, we do not act as controllers when companies use the services that we provide. 


Where do we store your data? 

The personal data that we collected from you is generally stored within a country of the European Union or the European Economic Area (“EU/EEA”) but may also, whenever necessary, be transferred to and processed in a country outside of the EU/EEA. Any such transfer of your personal data will be carried out in compliance with applicable laws and without undermining your statutory rights. 

From time to time we may transfers personal data from the EU/EEA to a third country not being approved by European commission as a safe country for such transfer (adequacy decision). Whenever applicable we will use Standard Contractual Clauses to ensure a similar level of protection as granted within the EU/EEA or other lawful grounds for transfer.  


Who has access to your data? 

Your personal data is available and accessible only by those who need the data to accomplish the intended processing purpose. To the extent necessary, your personal data may be shared with suppliers, sub-contractors or independent third parties. 

In addition, we may also disclose personal data to third parties, if we have reason to believe that using or disclosing such information is necessary or advisable to: (i) conduct investigations of possible breaches of law; (ii) identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be violating an agreement they have with us; (iii) investigate security breaches or cooperate with government authorities pursuant to a legal matter; or (iv) to protect our rights, safety or property, including the prevention of fraud. 

We reserve the right to transfer any personal data we have about you in the event that we merge with or are acquired by a third party, undergo another business transaction such as a reorganization, or should any such transaction be proposed.  


What is the legal ground for processing? 

We are not allowed to collect, process, use, store etc. personal data without a valid legal ground. Lawfulness may be derived from your consent, by contract, statutory obligations or from our legitimate interest as a business. For each specific process purpose of processing of personal data we collect from you, we will inform you about which legal ground that will apply, and what rights you are entitled to exercise. whether the provision of personal data is statutory or required to enter a contract and whether it is an obligation to provide the personal data and possible consequences if you choose not to. 


Right to access: 
You have the right to request information about the personal data we hold on you at any time. You can contact Store Lens that will provide you with your personal data via e-mail. 
Right to portability:  
Whenever Store Lens process your personal data by automated means based on your consent or based on an agreement you have the right to get a copy of your data transferred to you or to another party. This only includes the personal data you have submitted to us. 

Right to rectification: 
You have the right to request rectification of your personal data if they are incorrect, including the right to have incomplete personal data completed. 

Right to erasure: 
You have the right to erase any personal data processed by Store Lens at any time except for the following situations 

  • for exercising the right of freedom of expression and information 

  • to comply with a legal obligation  

  • for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims 

Your right to object to processing based on legitimate interest:  
You have the right to object to processing of your personal data that is based on our legitimate interest. Store Lens will not continue to process the personal data unless we can demonstrate a legitimate ground for the process which overrides your interest and rights or due to legal claims. 

Your right to object to direct marketing: 
You have the right to object to direct marketing, including profiling analysis made for direct marketing purposes. You can opt out from direct marketing by following the instruction in each marketing mail.


Right to restriction: 
You have the right to request that Store Lens restricts the process of your personal data under the following circumstances: 
*if you object to a processing based on Store Lens legitimate interest, Store Lens shall restrict all processing of such data pending the verification of the legitimate interest. 
*if you have claim that your personal data is incorrect, Store Lens must restrict all processing of such data pending the verification of the accuracy of the personal data. 
*if the processing is unlawful you can oppose the erasure of personal data and instead request the restriction of the use of your personal data instead 
*if Store Lens no longer needs the personal data but it is required for you to make or defend legal claims.

How can you exercise your rights? 
We take data protection very seriously and you can exercise your rights by contacting your point of contact with Store Lens. If you do not have a point of contact or do not get a prompt response, you can direct your request to

Right to complain with a supervisory Authority:  
If you consider Store Lens to process personal data in an incorrect way, please reach out to us at You also have the right to turn in a complaint to the supervisory authority in your country. 

Updates to our Privacy Notice: 
We may need to update our Privacy Notice. The latest version of the Privacy Notice is always available on our website. We will communicate any material changes to the Privacy Notice, for example the purpose of why we use your personal data, the identity of the controller or your rights. 


Why do we use your personal data? 
We will use your personal data to evaluate potential business partners and manage existing business relations including communication, procurement, contract signing and financial transactions. 

We will process your personal data in order to achieve the purpose of the contract. 
We will also use personal data to provide business partners with access to systems. 

We will use personal data to manage legal requirements for financial trading information. 
We will process your personal data in case of legal issues and disputes. 

What types of personal data do we process? 
We will process following categories of personal data: 
*contact details such as name, e-mail address, telephone number 
*work related information, such as company information, department and work role 

Who has access to your personal data? 
Your personal data that is forwarded to third parties is only used for the purposes mentioned above. 

We share your personal data with external advisors, IT service providers and other external service providers. 

What is the legal ground to process your personal data? 
The processing of your personal data for the following purposes are based on our legitimate interest:


*to managing business relations 
*to provide business partners access to our systems 
*to manage legal requirements for financial trading 
*to manage legal issues and disputes 
The processing of your personal data to achieve the purpose of the contract are necessary for fulfillment of contract. 
The processing of your personal data for financial trading information is based on legal obligations. 

How long do we save your data? 
We will keep your data for follow up and evaluate procurement and business partners, for the length of the agreement and time to preclude legal issues. 

For legal disputes we will keep the data during the ongoing dispute and for a period of time after the dispute when the information is still relevant. 
We will keep the data for financial trading information for 5 years in accordance to legal requirements. 


When we create media content such as articles, interviews, videos and pods for all our channels we may process your personal data if you appear in such content. We may also use personal data to prepare, facilitate, follow up on interviews and media coverage. 
When we archive media material such as press clips, images and photos, campaigns, press releases, videos and recordings to preserve the company's history your personal data will be processed if you appear in the material. 
To manage different types of events, including meetings and press conferences, we will process personal data of the invited persons. Certain events may be recorded and transcribed. 
We will use your personal data to send out financial reporting and other company information to recipients based on legitimate interest or if you have signed up to receive such information. 

We will also process your personal data if you decide to interact with us in our channels. 

What types of personal data do we process? 
We will process following categories of personal data: 

  • contact details such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, 

  • user name 

  • gender 

  • work related information, such as company, country of employment and work role 

  • photo and images 

  • video footage 

  • audio recording 

What is the legal ground to process your personal data? 
The processing of your personal data for the following purposes are based on our legitimate interest: 

  • managing content, including produce, administrate, archive and distribute media content 

  • manage press conferences and meetings 

  • to analyze media coverage, including social media 

  • manage press samples 

  • to manage requests 

  • to manage events 

How long do we keep your data? 
We save your data if needed to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected to pursue our legitimate interests or until there is no longer any legal requirements or right for us to keep the data. 

For the processing of personal data for the purposes based on consent we will keep the data until you withdraw your consent. 

Your right to object to processing based on legitimate interest 
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data that is based on our legitimate interest. We will not continue to process the personal data unless we can demonstrate a legitimate ground for the process which overrides your interest and rights or due to legal claims. 


Why do we use your personal data? 
We may process personal data to manage, register and resolve IT and information security incidents. We may also use personal data to handle incidents and accidents. We may also process your data to investigate a breach or non-compliance with regulations or requirements. 
In the event of investigation of non-compliance with our policies and in whistleblowing related matters we process personal data. 

We may also use anonymized or pseudonymized data on aggregated level to be able to improve and develop our services. 

What type of data do we process? 
We will process the following categories: 
*contact information such as name, home address, e-mail address and telephone number  
*work information such as company name and work role  
*employment information such as user ID number 
*other necessary information for investigations 

Who has access to your personal data? 
Data that is forwarded to third parties is only used to perform the service mentioned above. We will share your personal data with security companies, auditors and legal advisors to handle security issues and administration.  

What is the legal ground to process your personal data? 
The processing of your personal data is based on our legitimate interest in order for us to manage incidents and security breaches. 

How long do we save your data? 
We will keep your data for the time we need to prevent and/or report potential fraud and other offenses. 


Why do we use cookies? 

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to give you the full functionality of the website, to customize your user experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our websites, apps and via social media platforms. 


Who is responsible for cookies? 

Store Lens AB and the named publisher are both responsible for setting cookies on your device when you access any of our official websites and for the access and collection of data from the same device.  


What is a cookie? 

A "cookie" is a small text file that is downloaded onto your device such as computer or smartphone when you access our websites.  


We use cookies and other similar technologies in order to make our website work efficiently and secure and to improve personalised user experience.  


When referring to cookies we include: 

First- and third party cookies, tracking pixels and plug-ins, including technologies those from third party publishers and other tracing technologies. 


All cookies have a publisher which tells you who the cookie belongs to. The publisher is the owner of the domain specified in the cookie. Whenever you visit our website, we place cookies onto your device for different reasons. Such cookies are called “first-party” cookies, whereas cookies set by a third-party company, such as a social media platforms or ad network/ad tech providers, are called “third party” cookies. 


Below you will find more detailed information about our cookies and the reason for using them. 


How to disable cookies? 


You can easily stop your browser from accepting cookies by configuring your browser’s cookie settings. 

All commercial web browsers are featured with cookie management functionality. 

Please check your web browser to find out more how to delete or disable cookies etc. 

If you choose to disable cookies, you may face limitation on functionality and a deteriorated user experience.  


What types of cookies do we use and why? 


The cookies we set are grouped into categories, each one reflecting a specific purpose: 


Strictly necessary cookies  

Some cookies are strictly necessary for you to be able to experience the full functionality of our site and for us to deliver upon our promises. For example, these cookies allow you to use the website and log-in to your account as intended. Without these cookies, some parts of our site and services just won’t work as they should. We also use cookies to direct you to the right website based on geography and language and to detect and prevent security threats and malicious behaviour. 


Performance cookies 

Performance cookies (analytics cookies) tell us about how you use the site and they help us to make it better. For example, these cookies count the number of visitors to our website and see how visitors move around when they are using it. This helps us to improve the way our site works, for example, by ensuring that users find what they are looking for easily. 


Functional cookies 

Functional cookies allow our website to remember your preferences, helping you to customize your content on our website. This type of cookie enables us to highlight products and services we believe is of interest and relevance to you. This way we can remember you when you return to our site and to give you best possible user experience. We do not use this type of cookies.  


Marketing cookies 

Marketing cookies are a key part of how we deliver marketing on our sites and across internet and social media platforms. Among other uses, cookies allow us to show more relevant advertising by serving you information, offers and promos that are based on your browsing patterns and the way you have interacted with our websites and apps. We can then present to you a content that is personalized and more relevant to you. Cookies enables limiting the number of times an ad is shown. Marketing cookies can be used to track the effectiveness of our ad campaigns on third party websites. 


What is the legal ground to use cookies?  


By accepting cookies you give us your consent to use cookies for the specified purposes above. You cannot accept strictly necessary cookies as these are default. 

How to remove cookies? 

You can easily erase cookies from your computer or mobile device using your browser. For instructions on how to handle and delete cookies please look under "Help" in your browser. Using your browser can choose to disable cookies, or to receive a notification each time a new cookie is sent to your computer. 

Read more about how you can opt out here: 

We do not sell the collected data or information to other parties. The collected information will also be anonymized wherever possible. 


Who has access to cookie information? 
Information obtained from cookies is available to the third party provider placing the cookie on our site. However, we will not share first-party cookie information with third parties nor sell or swap such information to unauthorised organisations. The information is only shared when necessary to fulfil its purpose. 


How long are cookies stored in your browser or on your device? 

Cookies can be stored for varying lengths of time on your browser or device.  


Persistent cookies  

Persistent cookies (permanent cookies) will be stored in one of your web browser's subfolders until you delete them manually, either by consent withdrawal or by your changing your web browser settings. If you do nothing, placed cookies will be deleted from your browser when the duration period is expired. Their duration depends on the date of expiry written in them. 


Session cookies 

Session cookies are immediately deleted when you close your browser. When you restart your browser and go back to the site that created the cookie, the website will not recognize you.  


Other tracing technologies 

Information gathered through other tracing technologies such as tags and pixels are saved for 24 months. 



Company name: Store Lens AB 

Company registration number: 559274-6936 

Adress: Epi Center, Regeringsgatan 61, 111 56 Stockholm, Sweden