Store Lens
  • Customers have changed, how will you?

    The rise of e-commerce has set an expectation with shoppers about just how hyper-personalized their shopping experience can be, in-store retail needs to catch up.

So how does it work?

Utilizing our platform makes creating an in-store experience simple. With Store Lens you get the opportunity to engage with your customers in a totally new way, personalizing each and every engagement to match each and every unique individual. 

From the second your shopper arrives

All your shopper needs is a mobile, that’s all! From there your customer checks-in to store and the Store Lens platform collects information that builds an individualized profile to start an unforgettable experience.

A custom experience for each unique individual

When the Store Lens platform receives the information, it creates a custom formula to engage the customer with a personalized journey based on their unique shopping habits and profile cross referenced with your stock. 

Instant engagement

Immediately and seamlessly the shopper is directly delivered unique and personalized information that increases engagement and strengthens loyalty. The more times the customer returns to your store using the platform, the more personalized and customized the journey will be. 

Interact on a deeper level

What’s even better is that your staff can interact with shoppers one on one. Has a customer saved an item to their favourites and it has arrived in stock in their size? Your staff can message that shopper directly to let them know and have the garment ready for them to pick up in-store. 

From store floor to stock room

The platform works with more than just individual customer information however. Store Lens also allows you to customize and prioritize particular stock items and observe shopping trends in real time to meet customers where they are and optimize your operations, just like ecom.

The solution

1. Customer Mobile

The Store Lens Platform works across multiple mobile integrations. The shopper simply has to check-in to the store and start exploring. 

2. Store Lens Engine

Instantaneously the engine starts delivering unique features and one of a kind experiences to the customer, registering each and every unique choice they make. It’s just like an ecom platform in the heart of your store.

3. A Unique Experience

All that is left is for the customer to have a totally personalized shopping experience, keeping them engaged and wanting to come back time and time again. 

An in-store experience like no other

Tailor-made experiences that celebrate EVer shopper

Reward sustainable choices

Perfect the art of the seamless check-out

Analyze, execute, and follow up all in one place

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For Developers

Store Lens is a SaaS solution that can be integrated into your current customer touchpoints regardless if it's web or app.




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